Why SEO still makes me chuckle…

So, I wrote me up a movie review of the movie “Contagion” a few weeks back on my other blog Don’t Not Live, mentioning why I thought it should win the oscar for “balls”, and to my hysterical delight, it now ranks #1 for “contagion should win an academy award”.

That’s not really what makes me chuckle though.  Its a pretty long tail query and its pretty much a direct match without the stop words, and like all good on page SEO, its got a nice h1/title tag/url combination happening all those simple details can help you improving SEO for your local business.

No, what makes me really chuckle is two fold..  what REALLY makes me laugh is the image results for the same term.  You get to see my edited movie poster for Contagion, which I feel better describes the movie, PLUS the beautiful drawing my fiancee drew of a bat-pig crapping on Gwyneth Paltrow’s head right beside it.

But the final coup de grace is the first page image result for the query “contagion academy award” query where my poster is positioned right beside the original.  Now THAT makes me laugh!

Times like these I remember why SEO still has value…

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