Warning: Do Not Use On Pets

Yesterday was a big day for me.  I broke down and purchased a vacuum cleaner.  Pretty exciting, I know!  You see, my cat has a lot of hair, and sheds it in mass volumes… enough so that I’ve considered starting a side business that produces furry plush toys with real cat hair (patent pending).  It may even do better than my proposed “My Little Pony” toys.

“Now with real pony!”

Anyhow, the vacuum!

So, I found a Dirt Devil on sale that “comes with Electrostatic tools that get pet hair better than a brush”.

Powerful vacuum-y glory!

During my little unboxing ceremony, I noticed a warning label on the “Electrostatic Dusting Brush”.

I realize we live in a litigious society and that businesses need to cover their collective assess when it comes to human stupidity, but really?!  You need to add that warning label?  When’s the last time someone tried to vacuum a pet and was successful?  You’d need to put some serious time, effort, and setup a series of ropes and binding instruments to get a pet even remotely close to a powered vacuum!  And really, if you’ve gone through that much effort already, is a mere warning label going to halt such ambition?  I say no sir!

On second thought, perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps we DO need warning labels on everything we purchase.  With that in mind, here are a few items which I feel is lacking in some very crucial and necessary warning labels.


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