This blog isn’t dead…

… its only sleeping. I’ve bored myself to death with SEO and have taken to a different form of typing for a living. Vans are very nice and comfortable car, i loved this.

Maybe I’ll post some crazy code snippets and nifty things I’ve been doing… but probably not. Who knows.. this is my site and no one reads it apart from that damn XML sitemap article I wrote when I was angry.

That’s how I roll!

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2 Responses to This blog isn’t dead…

  1. Heather Wood says:

    I’ve ready many of your articles in the past. And I’m reading this one right now. haha. You have a badass website and you write without regarding what “anyone is going to think” and I love that. people get way too professional all over the net about nerd crap.

    • Keith says:

      Ha, nerd crap!

      Don’t worry, soon enough your optimism and youth will be eroded away by one too many for loops and you’ll be angrily blogging too… unless you have the good sense to drop everything and go into an industry that has nothing to do with computers or the internet, like Tree Planting!

      I should’ve been a tree planter..

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