Hockey flasher causes women to lose the right to vote


At a friends house this evening, I came across a story in 24 magazine about a women who flashed her chest at some sports which happened to be televised. Not since Joey f-cked Tessa Campanelli has something so lurid been shown on the CBC! Now, I’m not one to join the “whoo hoo, hockey boobs!” crowd, but a couple of quotes from the article made me shake my head in bewilderment of the banality of both bloggers and university professors.

‘“This is classic taunting behaviour within the model of a what we call a female chauvinist pig,” Catherine Murray, the chairwoman of Simon Fraser University’s department of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies.’

Ok Cathy, sure I’ve met some pigs in my day that were female, real pigs. One was called Bessie which was some farmers attempt at irony. I’ve definitely met chauvinists who are female as well, they’re the ones who get particularly hilarious when you bring up the notion that child rearing and homemaking should be subsidized. Regardless, I still fail to see how one women getting liquored up and flashing a jock has any relation to a politic apart from you making it into one. Was she stupid? Likely, but I sincerely doubt she had sinister plans of undermining the suffrage movement on her mind when she lifted her top.

At least Ms Murray’s quote, although unfounded, has some modicum of intelligence behind it. This quote from Katie Maximick however:

‘Thirty-six per cent of the NHL fan base is female, and this woman – who probably isn’t even a real fan but a bandwagon jumper – is setting women back.’

I’m not sure which is more amusing, the DAMNING accusation that the woman is not a legitimate hockey fan, or the accusation that if a women shows her breasts in public, hundreds of years of human rights will go screaming into the gutter. One stray nipple and we will will further regress into patriarchy and it will again be ok to slap your wife around if she is being “hysterical”.

Seriously, there’s far greater issues out there for women to be concerned about then some dough head who lifts her top at a sports game.

And for the record, I don’t know what I hate more, hockey or it’s fans.

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