Google Dropping Flash Cookies?!

Ok, Google, WTF…

So, we released SEO Cooking today with much fanfare, and in my excitement I popped open Safari (a browser I rarely use) to get a clean browser view of the SERPs.  After literally flushing everything I possibly could, to my horror and dismay, the URL in the SERPs for the query “seo cooking” was still coming up with that purple “you been there monkey” color.

So, my suspicions flared up, and low and behold, look what I found in my flash cookies…

A little flash cookie from (which is a 404 page on ye ol’ Google).  I am going to dig into their async code further to see what’s going on…  will keep you all posted.

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2 Responses to Google Dropping Flash Cookies?!

  1. michael says:

    Interesting. did you find anything else by digging deeper?

    • Keith says:

      Ya, it was connected to my gmail account. I think it was some kind of persistant storage for their multiple account feature. Still creep-tastic.

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