Because so many of you people have been bugging me…

Here is the download link to the files for this theme.

There are no installation instructions, its a basic theme without any special bells &/or whistles.  I offer no support, but might answer questions if asked nicely.

Use it well.

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8 Responses to Because so many of you people have been bugging me…

  1. Romeo Sid Vicious says:

    Thanks for this rather amazing theme! I know you don’t offer support so I am hoping my praise and supplication will suffice asking nicely! I have your theme installed on a website that I am working on and the WP admin bar isn’t showing up. This doesn’t matter that much to me but it matters to the folk who are going to use it. I would sure appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to help me sort this little bit out!

    • Keith says:

      The admin bar shows up fine on my installation. My first guess would be a conflict with a plugin you have installed, but that is only a guess. Would need to know a bit more to help (like site URL, installed plugins, which browser you’re using (note: I refuse to support IE.. personal hatred of mine)).

  2. dave says:

    you sir are the pwn. THank you!!

  3. dave says:

    ps you’re missing a closing ?> in line 34 of the footer.

  4. Glenn says:

    I love the theme but want to know how to change the font. It’s tough to read this comic book font. can you help me with this?

  5. Lex says:

    awesome theme! I noticed that you Build websites and iPhone apps, do Search Engine Optimization, and all kinds of stuff. What are your rates and Would you be interested in getting paid for doing some customization on this theme, build an Iphone app, etc?

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