Because so many of you people have been bugging me…

Here is the download link to the files for this theme.

There are no installation instructions, its a basic theme without any special bells &/or whistles.  I offer no support, but might answer questions if asked nicely.

Use it well.

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7 Responses to Because so many of you people have been bugging me…

  1. Romeo Sid Vicious says:

    Thanks for this rather amazing theme! I know you don’t offer support so I am hoping my praise and supplication will suffice asking nicely! I have your theme installed on a website that I am working on and the WP admin bar isn’t showing up. This doesn’t matter that much to me but it matters to the folk who are going to use it. I would sure appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to help me sort this little bit out!

    • Keith says:

      The admin bar shows up fine on my installation. My first guess would be a conflict with a plugin you have installed, but that is only a guess. Would need to know a bit more to help (like site URL, installed plugins, which browser you’re using (note: I refuse to support IE.. personal hatred of mine)).

  2. dave says:

    you sir are the pwn. THank you!!

  3. dave says:

    ps you’re missing a closing ?> in line 34 of the footer.

  4. Glenn says:

    I love the theme but want to know how to change the font. It’s tough to read this comic book font. can you help me with this?

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